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Is based on American F.T.R.A Founders D Boone, Uncle Joe and War Vets desiers to form an American & Canadian club for Rail Riders on the basis of Comaraderie and Respect between Brothers and Sisters sharing the same Desiers for Adventur by Freight Train Hopping (AKA Catching Out) and To Watch Over Each Others Backs and to Share with Riders who dont have and to never Forget To show Respect Towards Camp Masters, New Riders, Older Riders, Hobos, Rail Tramps, Railfans and Local Folk and the ones who dont like us Called Rail Bulls. So Remind Yourselfs without them, We Would All Have Shit On A Stick To Ride with no food to eat.



Allwas Remember

Ride Hard but Ride Safe


On A Rail Hopping Adventure U wount ever Forget

Take Pictures Take Videos

But Dont Post The Crew Change


Get to Know your Shit Befour You Ride
F.T.R.A Railways











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